About Us

From the idea to inception, we’re the Co-Sister duo behind The Weaves Art, an online boutique & the new brand name in curated women’s ethnic wear collections.

Even though we still are autonomous entrepreneurs in diversified industries, our passion never slackened. Deep in our heart we knew we wanted to curate sarees differently. High-quality craftsmanship and fabrics were important to us. The thought hasn’t appeared overnight. We began researching, travelled to meet weavers, and started falling in love with some stunning sarees, and Ergo, in 2019, The Weaves Art was born.



And the dexterity they weave into each Saree ceaselessly enthralls us.


Our Promise

Paired with exceptional customer service, our promise to you is that of immaculate craftsmanship and best of affordable luxury. 

It delights us in showcasing the collections we source from skilled weavers from across the weaving clusters of India. Each of our collections is a window into the prodigious artistry around us and inspires a sense of elegance & spells effortless style.

Our aesthetic is neither defined by a single style nor confined by a strict fad. Through a rich melange of products, we exhibit an assortment of inspirations.


Our Brand & Logo - AnnaPakshi

3C’s - Culture, Craftsmanship and Credibility are the three pillars of our brand approach.

Curators of a vibrant blend of classic and ephemeral, we bring you the very best from the world of weaving clusters. Just like your grandmother’s beautiful heirloom Kanchipuram Silk saree or your mom’s classic Pochampally Ikat Saree, our collections evoke nostalgia, reminding you that there’s still a suavity that we haven’t lost. 

Our logo, “The Divine Swan”, called “AnnaPakshi” in Sanskrit, is a leitmotif in Indian craft, literature, sculpture, and textiles. Associated with glory, purity, majesty and divinity, Rigveda states the mythical bird, AnnaPakshi, can separate Ksheera (milk) from a mixture of milk and water.


It is incredible having you join us along on the journey!

Welcome in. We hope our curated Saree collections inspire you too.