Srinika - Wild Orchid Pink Color Handloom Pure Zari Kota Doria with Pichwai Art Border

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Step into the allure of Srinika, the handloom Kota Doria Pure Zari saree in the luscious hue of Wild Orchid Pink (a rich magenta pink) color and let yourself be swept away by its captivating charm, for it is not just a saree, but a work of art that speaks to the soul. Crafted from a delicate fusion of fine silk and cotton, this Kota Doria saree drapes around you like a gentle embrace, embodying elegance that whispers secrets of divine artistry. 

Saree Body:
Embellished upon its body are delicate "silver zari floral motifs", each intricately crafted to resemble the delicate patterns of rangoli adorning the thresholds of ancient temples. They weave a story of heritage and craftsmanship, inviting you to unravel their secrets with every glance

Saree Border:
Enhancing its allure, the border that steals your breath away, a masterpiece of artistry and finesse. A resplendent "silver zari Kaddi borders", adorned with "verdant green lines," frames the saree with an aura of regal opulence. At the hem, a tableau of "Pichwai art" unfolds, a tapestry of symbolism and spirituality that speaks directly to the soul. At its core lies a majestic "silver zari cow, tinged with hints of violet-red", depicted with exquisite detail and reverence. Poised gracefully with one leg delicately raised, the cow appears suspended in a moment of serene movement.

Surrounding the sacred cow, a chorus of "lotus flowers blooms", budding in shades of violet-red, with "verdant lotus leaves" and "silver zari stems" intertwining like whispers of cosmic harmony. Each petal unfurls with a silent promise of rebirth, while colorful "butterflies" and "half-butterflies" in shades of yellow and orange flit and dance, their delicate wings carrying whispers of transformation and metamorphosis, creating an inviting tapestry that prompts reflection on the sacred dance of life and the interconnectedness of existence. And in the subtle elegance of the "violet-red selvage", there lies a quiet acknowledgment of the inherent dignity and grace that infuses every aspect of creation.

Saree Pallu:
Exuding effortless refinement, the Silver Zari Pallu mesmerizes with its intricate details. Adorned with captivating "lotus flower buds" arranged in enclosed "chevron columns" and delicately accentuated by "violet-red lines", it emanates elegance. "Floral bud anklets" meticulously crafted in silver zari, gracefully envelop the entire design, achieving a flawless fusion of grace and sophistication.

Saree Blouse:
To complement this marvel, the saree comes with an unstitched blouse in vibrant violet-red, adorned with "silver zari floral motifs" and a "Kaddi border" enclosed in green lines. Together, they create a harmonious ensemble that's sure to leave an indelible impression.

The Finer Details:

  • Source: Curated directly from the weaver.
  • Weaving Cluster: Kota, Rajasthan.
  • Technic: Kota Doria.
  • Khats: Approximately 1350*.
  • Saree Color: Wild Orchid Pink.
  • Blouse Color: Violet-Red.
  • Fabric / Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Pure Silk | Silver Zari | Gold Zari.
  • Measurements: Saree Length: 5.385 Meters | Saree Width: 45 Inches. 
  • Blouse: 0.915 Meters.
  • Authenticity: Kota Doria Logo & India Handloom Tag.


Disclaimer: This is a handloom Saree and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of human involvement in the weaving process. We attempt to display Saree images and Saree specifications as accurately as possible. However, actual product color may vary slightly because of screen resolution & digital photography and dimensions are only approximate values.


• It is advisable to only dry-clean our Sarees. Use mild detergent to hand wash Cotton Sarees.


• For first three washes, dry cleaning is advisable for silk fabrics.
• If ever silk is washed in water, ensure it is washed in soft lukewarm water using a good neutral soap only.
• Squeeze lightly by hand to remove water after washing.
• Always dry the silk in shade only on a flat surface instead of hanging.
• Use low to medium heat while ironing.
• Always iron silk on the reverse side.
• Never spray water to dampen silk before ironing as it may cause water spots on the fabric.
• Do not wash the stains with water, instead give it for dry cleaning.


• Store your Silk in a clean and dry environment using Cotton bags; avoid plastic covers.
• Avoid direct contact with wood.
• Protect silk from insects, dust, excessive moisture and light.
• Periodically (every 3-6 months) expose silks to fresh air and store after reversing the folds.
• Wrap Silk Sarees in cotton cloth or brown paper to avoid blackening of zari.
• Instead of Naphthalene balls, keep silica gel sachets in storage racks.

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